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Why Clients Love REALTOR Valarie Kerby

Deb & Lisa – McKinney

Valarie Kerby is definitely NOT your ordinary real estate agent! The day that we met Valarie, we never expected the ride we were about to take. The energy that she brings to everything she does is amazing. She truly cares about her clients...

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Jennibeth- Cary, NC

Our Experience with Valarie Kerby~ Our family decided to move back to the East Coast during the summer of 2013, to be closer to family. At the time, the market was very strong and lots of neighbors were selling their homes as well. We orig...

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Cesar and Wednes

One outstanding experience we had with Valarie was she was very prompt in responding to our inquiries. Even on Sundays, she responded promptly to my email. It gave us the feeling that we are valued client. Valarie is very professional. To b...

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Tony & Tara-Plano

Valarie, You are AWESOME! We truly love our house and are so thankful to have had your guidance through our first home-buying process. We appreciate your patience with us as we were finding what our “likes and dislikes” in a home were a...

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Haley Praytor -McKinney (Craig Ranch)

As a single young woman buying my first home, I was pretty nervous and the whole process was Greek to me. Valarie was with me every step of the way; keeping me in the loop, putting me in contact with a lender, making sure I filled out all of th...

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Tom- Fairview, TX

One Fantastic Realtor I have now found my dream home thanks to Valarie Kerby. As fast as houses were selling at the time I was in the market, I just couldn't find the immediate fit. Valarie knew exactly what houses to present as soon as th...

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Keri & Stuart – Colleyville

Valarie Kerby is one of a kind! She has served as our realtor for several years, thru selling an investment home in the historic district, to finding a home for my father-in-law in order to get him closer to us due to health issues. Most rece...

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Blair Cox- Kansas

-Valarie went way above and beyond what most any other realtor would normally do. Every unforeseen obstacle was handled with nothing but professionalism and with our best interest at heart. Living out of state while trying to sell a home ca...

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Kristyn Ryan-Mikles, PharmD

We had been looking for a realtor for some time prior to meeting Valarie. We had gone to many open houses and searched for realtors in town, but none seemed to fit with what we had envisioned. We were first time home buyers, and many realtors w...

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